Throughout the 2013 conference season I took copies of the book “The Christian Home and Family Worship” to each fair.

42: Challenge for Dads

     Throughout the 2013 conference season I took copies of the book “The Christian Home and Family Worship” to each fair. I challenged Dads to read it within 30 days to keep the book for free, or send me a check for 25.00. 🙂 I referred to this as the “Men’s Challenge”.

     Thirty days after the conference I sent out an email to each of the Dads who signed up for the challenge. I asked them whether they had read the book in the allotted time frame, whether they had tried having a family worship time in their home, and what were their chief takeaways from the book. I have included a sampling of testimonials I received. I hope you will be as edified by their responses as I was. 

Dad #1

     As soon as I finished the Big Rocks (twice) and half way down in the Family Worship chapters, my wife and I started our Family Worship with my son. I learned that teaching him about God and His laws is my responsibility (not the church or Sunday School teacher). Your book is very helpful on how to conduct Family Worship and It is much easier and simpler than I thought.

Dad #2

     This summer we have started memorizing 1 Corinthians 13… complete with Dads corny hand motions. Overall the book … and your talks at the conference reminded me to be intentional with my wife and the kids. 

Dad #3

Chief Takeaways:

1 – Never too late to start.

2 – Let the kids know of the “scheduled” time for family worship. This helps to manage their expectations.

3 – Let the kids participate at their level. (I can get impatient with slow readers.)

We have been doing family worship. It is not on the same day. It is once a week. We are planning on increasing to twice a week in July.

I did not grow up in a Christian household. Family Worship still feels like a forced event. I believe the level of my personal worship time will enhance the level of my family worship time.

Dad #4

     Since reading this book, I have changed our “schedule” and mixed it up a little bit. I still do it at night time at times but I choose something that will not require them to sit for too long. I have also just out of the blue had bible time on the trampoline, under the tree in the backyard or right after dinner (which seems to be the best time when I am home).

     I have realized that I need to RELAX. I have been letting the kids be more wiggly and even have a quiet toy during our time. I have found that my kids love to act out the story we just read and get real animated with it, so this has also been a good addition to our time. Letting go of my expectations has been huge for me and has really lifted a burden off of my back.

Dad #5

     I liked the part on “just do it” and to not get discouraged. Another thing is the need to be a servant leader. I can get demanding thereby provoking my children to anger. So I want to be able to fulfill my duty, but do it with love and care.

Dad #6

     I appreciated the allowance you made for differing family dynamics. We have had family worship since the conference. I learned the importance of being aware of the passages you are reading and the ages of your children. I made the mistake of getting into a passage in 1 Samuel and learned that lesson first hand.

Dad #7

     I did read the book and I enjoyed it. Since having read it, my family has started doing after dinner Bible reading and worship. Though we are not able to do this every night we are trying to make a conscious effort to do so. 

     My chief take away from the book was different ways in which we can disciple our children. I already knew how important it is, but I really like to hear how others are making it work for their families. 

Dad #8

     There were many parts that really stuck with me but one that hit me the most was sharing my personal experiences with my kids. I felt bad that I haven’t. I do have many stories where God has touched my life. 

Dad #9

My favorite part was the several live examples at the end of how it fleshes out in the different families.

Dad #10

     My chief takeaway from the book was that I need to let other’s have input concerning our devotion time. I have a strong take charge mindset, and of course I thought I knew what everyone needed. Sometimes my wife may be dealing with different issues, needing something different on a given day than what I “think” she needs. 

     I ultimately lead the worship time but having input and conversations with my wife and her daily observance as to what the children may be dealing with has opened up a more interactive worship time with the family.

Dad #11

     I very much appreciated the end of the book where you described different ways to practice family devotions/worship. I truly love your biblically faithful, yet open minded approach to home worship. 

Dad #12

     It was a pleasure to read, but you are right: I probably would have let it slide without the $25 challenge (which resulted in several concerned inquiries from my kids). I think the chief takeaway was that I should have my kids participate more in the Bible time rather than just have them listen to me read.

A Good Idea

     Another Dad had me write in the flyleaf of the book a short sentence and then he wrote numbers down the page. He was going to read the book, sign his name by #1, and then pass it along to other men in his church and ask them to sign their names when they have finished the book. 

Father’s Day Present

     We had a call in the beginning of June, from a pastor who was purchasing seventy copies. He was going to give one copy to each of the men in the church as a Father’s Day gift. 


You may listen/watch a talk here, or read it online as a free ebook here. 


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PS  Family Camps

     I will be speaking at Miracle Mountain Ranch from August 29-September 2, and at Spruce Lake Retreat from September 3-6