Meat for Men Series

Meat For Men Series


Journey of a Homeschooling Dad

With all of the best intentions, Steve set out to be the best Dad he could be for his four sons who are now adults. This adventure in parenting is a lifelong process and he is still learning how to have his heart restored to his children. As a dad he made many mistakes and had many of his own blind spots revealed. Thankfully God is a Redeemer and does work all things together for good.




Strategies for Building Up Our Wives

Steve relates insights he has gleaned from scripture on how God has designed our wives and ways that we can lay down our lives for our wives and apply biblical principles to build them up and encourage them in the Lord.




Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Steve shares his own experiences as the father of four young men, along with insights into restoring the hearts of fathers to children and vice versa. Fathers have an incredible impact on their children. From Abraham to David, and from Ken Ham to Dean Smith, the influence of fathers extends to many generations.




Functions God Designed Fathers to Fulfill

God made men. He made them in the image of God. He made them different from women. From promises to fathers to characteristics of a Christian man, we will consider our role as men following Christ. God has given us men of God like David and Abraham to inspire and teach us by their lives.




Heart Motivation for Men

The heart, the essence of who we are, is the real us. From our heart we believe. Out of the abundance of the heart we speak. Where our treasure is, there will our be also. David was a man after God’s heart. Christ dwells in our heart through faith. In the last days, God is turning the hearts of fathers to their children. May God turn our hearts to him and our family.