Wonderful Surprises

I felt like a kid this weekend. Like one of my own kids. As I was thanking God for a wonderful weekend in which I saw His hand changing my travel plans and providing me with unexpected and better plans, it dawned on me that God was having fun. He was enjoying surprising me. I now know how it feels to be my wife or one of my sons. When they see me smile and take a different route home they know I have a surprise up my sleeve. Here is what God had in store for me.

I spoke at the homeschool conference in Arkansas Friday and Saturday. Since I wasn’t done until late afternoon, I had a flight scheduled for Sunday morning. As I was just about to return the rental car at the Little Rock airport, my cell phone rang and I was informed my flight had been canceled. After making my way to the Delta ticket counter I wondered whether I should stay and fuss for another flight the same day or just go with the flow and trust that God had other designs. I called home and since I had no pressing commitments for Monday decided to spend the night in Little Rock. Surprise number 1, was just a phone call away.

The day before I had made friends with Chad & Wendy who live in Little Rock and I had their card and cell number. I called and Chad invited me to attend church with their family. After the service we all returned to their home for a delightful lunch. They have four sweet girls, two of whom use MathUSee. Wendy takes hospitality to a new level. If you are ever in Little Rock call and I’ll give you their number :-) Chad is on the staff of Family Life and after a delicious meal gave me the grand tour of their facility. They both have servant hearts. It was inspiring to see a whole ministry devoted to marriage and the family. Feeling like I was dominating their Sunday afternoon I headed back to the airport to return the rental car and check into the hotel.

At the ticket counter I was told that my return flight would be through Cincinnati instead of Atlanta. I was at an airport restaurant ordering dinner to go, when it occurred to me that the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum was open to supporters and donors on Monday. I had received an invitation to attend but didn’t think I could fit it into my schedule. Hence surprise #2. I hustled back to the ticket counter 5 minutes before they were to close and asked if they could build a few hour layover into my return flight. They did. So Monday morning I flew to Cincinnati, took a taxi two exits west to the Museum and had 3 hours to tour the state of the art facility, see the star show in their planetarium, and sit through a special effects presentation. It was wonderful.

Star Picture

So after a quick call for a taxi, I was at the airport enroute for home. Whew. God is good. As I was driving home I thanked Him for the neat time in Little Rock and Cincinnati. It was then that I sensed His Father smile. My Dad had arranged this special time and I was the recipient. I tearfully smiled in return, almost too overcome to take His love in. God really does love us doesn’t He. I know I love Him.