Visiting Our Roots

On Saturday, Sandi, Johnny, Ethan, Anna, and I spent an hour on the original Garman farm that was purchased from William Penn’s son. My maternal grandfather lived in Lancaster County before moving to Western Pennsylvania to attend the University of Pittsburgh. I remember coming to a Garman family reunion when I was 12 in Elizabethtown.

Since last summer we have been traveling up Route 23 to attend church in Elverson, PA. On the way we drive through Churchtown where Dad Garman’s parents, Levi & Dora, are buried. (Dad Garman is the name we had for our grandfather.) In driving through the town I keep thinking about my roots in this area. So after a few phone calls I was able to be connected to Sarah and Al Sweigart, who are distant relatives of ours. They are brother and sister and devoted Christians and attend the local Mennonite church. Their home is only a few miles from the cemetery in Churchtown. It was a cold day so we spent most of the time looking over books they had taken from the attic with family trees and old pictures.

Looking through the genealogies

Philip Garman 1808-1891, father of Levi Garman, and my great-great grandfather

In 1979 a book was published that has a great deal of information about the Garman family. We have been invited back when it is warmer to spend more time poring over the books. The present farm has a farmhouse that was built in the 1800s. We met in the brick house in the center of the picture. This picture was taken from the driveway as we were leaving, near the site of the original homestead in the next picture.

This picture was taken standing by the brick home in the center of the last picture. The original homestead was located beside the bend in the driveway.

Unfortunately it burned in 1926.

Here is a drawing of what it looked like…

Farm Home of Leonard Germann purchased 1813

It was good to see the farm where the Garman’s originally lived. If any Garman relatives stop by leave a comment