A Visit to Singapore

On the way home from Indonesia, Ethan, Anna, and I had a day and a half in Singapore. We had been invited to spend Sunday with the Siows who are Math-U-See users. I travel enough to know that most
airports, hotels, and conference centers look pretty similar, so I was anticipating our time at their home.

Ming San and Rose have two children Shern and Lyn. Shern and Lyn are bright cheerful children (with bright parents) and we had a delightful time celebrating Chinese New Year and eating the special foods prepared for the occasion.

Lyn is the first from the left and Shern is beside her.

We attended church with them in the morning, then had a driving tour of the cleanest city I have seen, then home for dinner and fellowship. They live in a lovely home and the hospitality extended was the kind that makes you feel right at home. After the meal, other families who were using mathusee, and wanted to meet their math teacher began arriving.

It was a big deal to the kids so Jenny (one of the Moms) had created certificates for me to sign for each of the students and for for each book they had completed.

This was followed by a type of commencement ceremony where each one was presented with their “diploma.” I instructed them how to receive it with the left hand while shaking and being congratulated with the right.

After the “ceremony.” One of the children was sitting on my lap so I did a little trot-trot-to-Boston on my knee. True to form with children, I then had to play the same game with each of the kids. Whew!!

Some of the boys were “Heel over Heads” about math.

And also true to form, the children then excused themselves and played together while the adults visited and I caught my breath.

As impressive as the city, the climate, the airport, and the Chinese New Year celebration were, the highlight to me was meeting members of my extended family. Fellowshipping with these believers and partaking of the Siow’s hospitality will always be my finest memory of our trip to Singapore.