Indonesia Part 2

Enough of my escapades. The reason we went was to encourage, equip, and otherwise bless our brethren in that part of the world. I normally would have pictures and more detail but security is a large concern considering the political climate. So my comments will be somewhat vague and general.

It was a blessed event. God drew near. The attendees are wonderful, big-hearted and committed to helping this nation know the master. There were many acronyms and ministry lingo being used that I created my own. RCC. Redeemed-Resilient-Committed.
I had the privilege of meeting many of the families in an informal setting and got a glimpse of life on the field. Two evenings 3 couples and myself played cards and talked. They were being refreshed just visiting in English. They only have a few weeks each year when they get together and have fellowship like this. Mostly I listened to their stories, their adventures, and their struggles. It was a priceless time. I’ll share 2. One man was purchasing a cycle. But to do so he had to have cash. The largest denomination is 100,000 rupiyeh, or about 10 dollars. He went to the transaction with a bag full of bills, which then had to be counted. Another Mom shared how to pay the phone bill you have to go to a building and stand in line for a few hours just to get the bill, then get the money and stand in line again to pay it. Such is life outside of the US. How much we take for granted.
On Friday Ethan, Anna, and I were taken to see some local sights by two men who had grown up on the field as MKs and were now back serving Christ with their families. As they shared story after story of growing up there and how they are ministering now I felt rich getting to know more about them and their families. While it is interesting to see new sights, try new food, and sit in planes interminably, the greatest reward to me is seeing what God is doing and being edified and enriched by God’s people.

I was surprised by the easy going nature of Indonesians in general. I have experienced more militant muslims in the Middle East and was expecting something similar here. But it didn’t happen. I did not like awaking to the wretched call to prayer each morning, but took the opportunity to war in the heavenlies.

So there is a brief report. If you have questions let me know!! When I get back I will write about the return trip and the wonderful time we had in Singapore, with pictures!!!