Before You Eat…

Weekly Update January 9-13,  Vol. 1

After I recommitted my life to following Jesus Christ, I began to pray before I ate a meal. In my home, I became the designated pray-er to ask God to bless our food. My brothers and Dad complained that the food was cold by the time I was done asking God to bless our meal. Back at college that fall, I would bow my head and give thanks, In the cafeteria.

Since man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father, perhaps we should look at our Bible Reading as having a meal, of the word. I don’t always remember to pray before I read, but when I do, I get so much more out of the scripture portion for that day. Sometimes I pray for a soft heart to receive the word. Other times I pray that God, by His Spirit, would help me to see Jesus in the reading. But talking to God before “eating” is always a good practice.

Have a great week,