Weekly Update, Vol. 2

Weekly Update January 16-20, Vol. 2

Like many of you, I am reading through Genesis this month, as well as Matthew. Joseph first appears in the 30th chapter, but we don’t read more about him until the 37th chapter when he becomes the central figure for much of the rest of the book.

In the 37th chapter Joseph shares two dreams with his family. In the 40th chapter we see him in prison, interpreting dreams for Pharaoh’s servants, and later, Pharaoh himself.

As I pondered how God had given him dreams, and the ability to interpret dreams, I wondered how much of an encouragement this must have been to Daniel, who “had understanding in all visions and dreams”. As Daniel meditated on the life of Joseph, this must have been a huge encouragement to him as God began to give him this understanding.

When I read the Bible, I often think of Jesus reading the same scriptures I am reading and wondering how God used them in His life and ministry. Even though He was the word made flesh, He still must have read and meditated on the word, since it says in Hebrews 5:8 “Although He was a Son, He learned obedience …”

As we read the word each day, let’s remember all those who have gone before us who have read, prayed, and sought God as we do today.

Have a great week,