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To My New Friends In Michigan,

For those of you with special needs children there are two family camps held in Michigan. They are called Maranatha I and II and are held in Muskegon, MI. If you want to attend as a family or be a volunteer at the camp you can get info at

I spoke to the office in Chicago today and they said the camp fills up quickly so if you want to go, try and register soon.

On the web there are several episodes of Joni and Friends TV you might enjoy, that will give you a feel for a family retreat. Go to and select –

“Joni and Friends’ Family Retreat“

“When Robin Prays“ (Robin now lives in Lancaster and is a friend of ours.)

“Katherine’s Smile“

If you are interested in watching a slide show with pictures of my son John and watch his “sermon” go to my web site at Scroll down to “Finding Hope and Redemption in the Valleys of Life” and select “Slide Show John Demme” and “John’s Sermon” under Resources.

Thanks for having me in your fair state, it was an encouraging and edifying time getting to know you and meet others of like precious faith.


Steve Demme