If you're interested in doing family devotions in your home, you can download a free PDF of my book on the topic.

Family Devotions (PDF Download)

Last week my researching son received a notification from Google that one of the fastest-growing search terms taking people to the Building Faith Families website was “family devotions pdf. This significant increase indicated that during the quarantine there is a renewed interest in having family devotions. That is certainly an encouraging sign, and a silver lining in this cloud of the pandemic.

To that end I have responded by creating new resources to strengthen and encourage families. I filmed a short video on Family Worship or Family Devotions.

Short Version

Long Version

You can download a free copy of Family Worship as a PDF here.

If you are interested in singing hymns in your home and learning the history of these timeless treasures, Hymns for Family Worship is also available as a free download.

I am also in the process of filming twenty short video clips of activities which helped develop our own family chemistry. From Star Gazing to Family Movie Night to Honoring Mom on Mother’s Day, I hope these videos will stimulate your own creativity and help us all intentionally build godly families.

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