Using the Devotions Log

1. To use the devotions log, click the “log in” link at the top right corner of the website (on the thin, gray, horizontal bar at the top). A sign in screen will pop up, and if you’ve already registered you can sign in and skip down to step 4. If you haven’t registered, click the little “Register” link on the popup.

2. A similar popup will show up with two different fields: username and email. For the username, type in a unique name that you will use to connect to the site. This is different than what you will use to identify yourself on the Devotions log. For example, “SmithFamily”. This has to be a unique name from all other login names on the site. For the email address, type in the address you want to have connected to your username, and where you want the password sent. Submit.

3. A password will be sent to your email address. Check your email for it, and make sure you check your junk folder if it doesn’t show up soon. When you have your password, you can go back to the original sign in screen on the website (just go to and click the “log in” link again). Log in using your new username and password.

4. Go to the devotions page if you’re not already there. The first thing you will do is click the “Edit your family name and members” link. Your family name will be defaulted to the login name you chose for the site. Change this to your actual last name such as “Smith” or “Jones”. If you have children who will also be tracking their individual devotions click the “Add a Family Member” button and a box will appear to add their name. Click it again for every individual name you need to enter.

5. To edit the devotions log for your family and the individuals in your family click the “Update Your Family Log Here” link. In the box that opens you can enter the devotion count for your family and the individual family members for each month of the contest. Click “Save Log” to save your changes. Your family should have automatically been added to the results table at the end of the page. Whenever you save your log the results table will be automatically updated to reflect the updated numbers. The results table for individuals is found on the individual results page.

6. If you ever want to update your password, you can hover your mouse over your username in the top left part of the screen when you are logged in and click “Edit My Profile.” You will be given the option to create a new password to replace the automatically generated one.