Author: Steve

Friends, we need each other. And we need each other the most, when we are in the thick of our difficulties, not after the fact.

48: Bearing One Another’s Burdens

     This is not a New Year’s Resolution, you may relax. But it is an exhortation. I have recently spoken to people who have been through a difficult season in their life. I noticed they didn’t reach out for help when they were most needy….

Podcast 8: Seeing People As God Sees Them

       In 2006 I attended my first Joni and Friends Family Retreat. This was the first time I was face to face with disabilities 24/7. I confess that for the first two days I was very aware of the disabilities all around me….

Podcast 6: Abide in My Love

       Building families of faith begins with each of us having a personal vital relationship with Jesus. Then we begin to build a foundation for our home on the word of God with Jesus as the cornerstone.      Jesus loves us and…

Podcast 5: Loved Unconditionally and Eternally

       The best gift we can give our children, is to love them unconditionally. When they are loved like this, it prepares them to receive grace, or God’s unconditional love. But we can’t give what we have not received. So how do we experience…

During this Holy Day season, let’s consider the role of the Holy Spirit in the birth of Jesus and his near kinsman John.

47: The Presence of the Spirit at the Incarnation

     In the October Newsletter, I made this comment. “Jesus was not only helped to die with the assistance of the Spirit, but as we will see, every aspect of His earthly ministry was linked to the Spirit.” The third person of the Trinity was…

Podcast 2: The Heart of God

           What does God have to say in His word of God about building families? We will be studying verses along this line in successive broadcasts, but before examining scripture, let’s consider the heart of God. I have an affinity for…