Author: Steve

Words of Life

I had just finished my workshop and opened it up for people to ask questions or give feedback. One man asked a question that I am still pondering. He was following up on a comment I had made, that many times when I leave church…

Special Episode: Scottcast

Learn how you can help cohost Scott and Jen after the birth of their premature grandson Henry. Listen to the podcast or watch the video below. Make a donation to Scott and Jen: » Donate Today

Making Math Fun

When a student is having fun, it is much easier to learn…and remember what is being taught. Join Steve as he shares interesting and humorous ways to illustrate and convey key math concepts in an enjoyable manner.

Techniques and Ideas for Creative Learning

How to make learning fun, memorable, and enjoyable. After many years in the classroom, and as a youth leader, followed by many more years as a homeschool dad, Steve shares strategies and tips that he has practiced and developed in his lifetime to help kids…